Computer and network security is a concept that covers a broad range of topics. The obvious issues of spyware, virus, and firewall protection immediately come to mind. These are all very important issues that can compromise your personal information and data, costing you money and downtime.

Backup Solutions

Making proper and regular backups of your important computer and network data is one of the most crucial procedures, and something every computer user should do routinely. A hard drive crash, virus, spyware, or over-writing of an important file, could cost you hours of work and/or possibly thousands of dollars to retrieve the data from your hard drive. Not having your critical data properly backed up is a mistake you don’t want to make even once. At PC EMT 24/7 Computer Repair, we have the backup solutions to ensure the integrity of your vital information.

Firewall Security

With the advent of the Internet, a new breed of vandals and thieves evolved to prey upon users of the information highway. Using tools to scan for computers connected to the Internet, these hackers attempt to break through the nominal security provided by Microsoft’s operating system and Web browser. Once they have broken through those inadequate barriers, they can use your computer for their own purposes. They can steal personal information, use your computer for illegal purposes, turn your computer into a spam server, and sabotage your computer or network.

The most common form of prevention against people hacking into your computer or network is a firewall. Don’t just plug your computer directly into a cable modem or the telephone line without first making sure you have a proper firewall. At PC EMT 24/7 Computer Repair, we sell both hardware and software firewalls for your computer and network. Contact us today and we will gladly talk with you about the right firewall products for your needs.

IP Surveillance

Many employers and private individuals have a need to remotely view and monitor their workers’ or children’s activities. Our business surveillance packages provide complete business surveillance with digital storage for internal or external monitoring. With the advent of inexpensive IP based cameras, remote viewing has become a cost-effective reality. Many parents don’t realize that an inexpensive IP camera mounted in their infant’s bedroom will enable them to monitor their child from the comfort of their office or living room.

Monitoring Software

Do you have a problem with children or employees visiting what you consider to be inappropriate sites? Even if you have told them it is not allowed, can you be sure they are complying? Sometimes the best solution is to monitor or block the email and surfing activity of that Internet user. PC EMT 24/7 Computer Repair sells, installs, and trains on many different Internet and network monitoring packages. We have monitoring and blocking packages for both business and home users.

When it comes to computer or network security, PC EMT 24/7 Computer Repair has the knowledge and experience to help you secure your computer equipment so you can rest easy. When it comes to computer or network security, we will help you achieve the peace of mind you desire. Contact us today and sleep well tonight.

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