Technology Consultation


No matter what you are trying to achieve we have highly qualified trained technicians that will work closely with you to understand the computing needs of you, your business or school.

We know that sometimes the world of technology can be a confusing place to navigate. Fortunately, we bring you everything you need to succeed with our expert knowledge and consultation services.

We offer the following services:
• Customer Support Services
• Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution
• Consumer Hardware/ Product Support Services
• Installation/ Configuration Support
• Technical Support Services
• Setup and Configuration
• Product Testing, Bug Fixing and Patch Management
• IT Support Services

Our proactive maintenance approach to supporting IT involves a full range of maintenance and monitoring services to prevent problems with your server and network, detecting them before they have a negative effect on you, your business or school. This ensures improved productivity levels for your family members, team, students & faculty members to offer you peace of mind so you focus on the important things.

Even if you “know a guy” or have internal IT support, we can provide additional tools and support strategies. We can also identify underperforming assets and failing equipment problems before they become real problems. Early notification allows time to correct any problems, leaving you with fewer surprises of expected failures and increase your total technology investment.

This has the added advantage that we spend less time performing expensive, critical work and more value added through system optimization. You save time and money with our consulting services as you increase operation.


Call us – Our knowledgable staff are ready to answer all your questions.


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